Wednesday, June 24, 2009


tuesday night i went for a spin with gina. we rode out to havelock via the john dietrich trail to check out this relatively new place i had been hearing about but hadn't tried yet. pepe's bistro is a small mexican vegetarian cafe located above the against the wall gallery on havelock. he used to be open just for breakfast and lunch but now he's open tuesdays through saturdays 11-8pm. the menu is small but he changes it every few days depending on the local fresh produce. pepe loves to bike and gives a discount if you rode your bike there, plus the first tuesday of every month he has free breakfast for cyclists from 7-9am. the space is pretty cool with a bike collection in one part, and the dining area has a nice decor... with a mix of bike art, flamenco portraits, some records (including a few old school mexican ranchera albums), and last but not least... a velvet elvis. i ordered the vidalia cactus enchiladas, and gina went with the sweet potato quesadillas. all i can say is wow, it was damn good. i'm definitely going to ride out there more often.


abedrous said...

Pepe's is definitely one of Lincoln's gems.

Fluxus said...

I bought my Miyata from Pepe. A very cool guy.

abedrous said...

did you have the cucumber lemonade? or the rose-petal iced tea?

for desert he sometimes has avocado cheesecake.

All of which are fantastic.