Monday, January 23, 2012

white monday

if it's going to be cold then we might as well have some snow.  there's nothing i hate more at this time of year and that's the bone chilling winds we get.  when it snows it's not as windy and it's warmer, so that's why i like the snow :)  we didn't get much last night, maybe an inch and that was it, but it was enough to get all slushy before midnight and then freeze a few hours later.  it's kinda fun to ride around in IF you have the right tires.  this winter my 'snow' bike is my surly traveler's check with nokian/suomi hakkapeliitta W240s.  the 700x40c size is the widest they make for a cross tire but it's actually narrower, like 37c or so.  and that's even when mounted on my wide mavic a719 rims.  i wish suomi made it a bit wider, say 43-45c, and it'd be way better.  as long as we don't get a ton of snow i'll be alright running these skinny tires.  i'm running a 42x20 gear and it's perfect for these conditions.  if it dumps a foot next week then i will seriously miss having a 29er.  i used to ride a surly km with fat gazza extreme snow tires but i sold it quite a while ago with the plans to upgrade and just haven't gotten around to it yet.  anyways, here's to january being almost done!  :)  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

62 tuesday

i can't complain with it being 62 in january.  i rode out to pioneer's for a few laps and to say hello to the bison.  afterwards i went for some delicious pho.  boy that stuff is good.  pho is perhaps the best post ride meal in the winter.

Friday, January 06, 2012

turbo skarks

these little guys are in the window at one of my favorite soup joints.  nothing like starting a friday with some moroccan tomato.  oh..  happy new year everyone.