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sounds like chuooch

i just finished building this up over the weekend.  the frame is a mid '80s ciocc (sounds like 'chuooch') road/sport touring frame that i picked up off ebay last december.  it had a few rust spots and looked kinda rough but i cleaned it up.  after touching up the paint and polishing the chrome it looks pretty good now.  the odd thing about this frame (and the reason why i bought it) is that it has clearance for fat tires, which is kinda odd for this vintage of an italian frame.  to fit big tires you need long reach brakes, and on this frame the reach isn't the same the front and rear (another odd thing about it).  it needed a super long reach brake up front and the rear takes a medium reach.  instead of going with 'modern' centerpulls or dual pivots, i decided to go with a combo of a paul component racer for the front, and a racer medium for the rear.  the racer is paul's homage to the classic mafac centerpull brakes that were popular in the '50s and '60s.  i've always wanted a set because not only do they work really well, i just think they look so freaking cool.  the wheels (paul track hubs with torelli rims) were built by ep at the mwc (ep is the best around). i have it setup with a 44x16 fixed gear for around town, for gravel i'll run a 17t or 18t freewheel on the other side.  there's eyelets for fenders so i might put on a pair of silver sks's before the april showers come.