Tuesday, May 30, 2006

more fixed gear fun in Stockholm

from my friend freddie in stockholm, sweden. some video from a fixed gear event they had there last weekend.

Friday, May 19, 2006


she rides again

when i first came to lincoln to attend UNL i left my truck (a 1974 chevy blazer 4x4) at home in scottsbluff. after a year living here without a car i decided i didn't need the truck anymore so i had it sold back home and got $1500 for it. i remember my mom telling me to save it for bills... but it was burning a hole in my pocket. i had started racing with the CCC (cornhusker cycling club) and had done a number of road races my first summer here. my old bike was getting kinda trashed and i needed to replace it, and i had always wanted an italian bike, so what's a roadie gonna do with a wad of cash? it was early spring of '89 and i went down to the shop (the old Freewheelin' bikeshop that used to be downtown on 13th street) and had them order me in a new steed. i had initially wanted a bianchi, but they changed the graphics on their bikes that year and had really ugly decals, so i instead went with a Bottecchia SL with full campy athena. i remember the day it arrived because they called me and waited for me to come and open up the box myself. it was the most beautiful bike i had ever seen up till that time because... it was italian, it was ferrari red, and it was mine! i named her felina (from the marty robbins ballad 'el paso'). she was my first primo racing bike and i vowed i'd never sell her. i rode the hell out of this bike... raced it, crashed it, commuted on it... and i finally retired her like nine years ago. once in a while she is resurrected, this time as a single speed city machine.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

headed east

ciao amigos!

un buen viaje

sending rafael and tracy off on Hwy 1, just east of Elmwood. fue un gran placer conocerles, nos vemos pronto!


una coqueta... to say the least. ;)


un chilango (that means from mexico city / D.F.) con su bici 'fantasma 309'. check out his band los sobrios emputados.
que tengas un buen viaje 'mano

milwalkee o' bust

met two cool people last night downtown as i was coming out of the mill. rafael and tracy, who were touring from ft. collins to milwalkee. i helped them find a place to camp for the night (props to CVO... and his wife!). after they had a night's rest i met up with them this morning and rode with them on the mopac out east, to hwy 1 east of Elmwood. they are really nice, biker people usually are. glad i got to meet them. i plan on looking them up in the future 'cause i do cruise through ft. collins once in a while.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


ok, ready to get back on the bike! sydney is tough.

nine stitches

nine stitches, and they look pretty gnarly. she was thrilled...(not).

getting the gash cleaned up...

watch those cross winds out there. my friend sydney and i were on our way back into town via west van dorn and the winds were blowing us around quite a bit. she clipped my wheel, and bam... kissed the pavement pretty hard with her chin. there was a local farmer/rancher type guy in a pickup who was right behind us when it happened and he stopped to help. he had a first aid kit in his truck so we bandaged her up a bit. we thanked him and then we big ring'ed it back to lincoln to the BLGH TC so they could stitch things up proper.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

MWC tues night ride

another good turnout tonight, like 25 people. wilderness was again too muddy, so like the week before we just rode out to the one eyed dog in Eagle. that place has great burgers, ĂȘtre de bonne qualitĂ© as the french would say.

"No pain at pump for 2-wheelers"

i'm in today's paper. they made me sound pretty normal... so i fooled them!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


big man hoss pulls up with some attitude. we continued on to eagle a short while later and had some food and drinks at the one eyed dog saloon. fun night of easy riding indeed. nothing like a nice beaufitul nebraska evening with a good group of friends on bikes.

pit stop

making a pitstop on the way to eagle.

tues night ride

heading out from downtown on the weekly tuesday night MWC ride. we had a good group of people as you can see. wilderness was too muddy, so we just headed out east on mopac.