Monday, June 22, 2009

more BRAN - day 3

i've been lazy getting all my BRAN pics up, i'm still in vacation mode it seems. anyways... after having an absolutely perfect weather the day before when we rode to alma, we awoke to cold grey skies for the 74.2 mile jaunt from alma to superior. i started off my day with some coffee at joe camera in downtown alma. not only did they have delicious coffee there, they also had an interesting collection of old cameras and bicycles! the rest of the day wasn't easy. along with a really strong headwind it began to rain and it made the going tuff for most of BRAN'ers. the sag stop in riverton was pretty chaotic with riders scrambling for rain jackets and warm food. i had already put on my rain jacket many miles before and just kept going at a fast pace (which kept me warm) and sang to myself as the rain poured down. eventually the rain let up just as i pulled into red cloud for lunch. red cloud was the home of willa cather, and the willa cather foundation is located in a really cool old building downtown. after having a few grilled cheese sandwiches at a local bar, i hit the road again for the remaining 30 miles to superior.

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