Friday, June 26, 2009

BRAN day 6 - cookies and tequila

almost done posting all the BRAN pics from a few weeks back (june 7-13th). after a great stay in humbolt, i hit the road (last out of town again) around 9am for the 77.9 miles to syracuse. 13 miles in i passed through the little community of stella. they had free cookies! i was happy they still had anything left so i stuffed my jersey pockets full and thanked them. you can't be that nebraska small town hospitality now can you? another 12 miles on i passed through nemaha where i caught up to some of our group. the quad was also there. deanna, one of the quad stokers, had been daring me to drink shots of tequila with her all week and she was tempting me again, so i relented. it was good stuff too. those air national guard peeps sure know how to have a good time at a rest stop.


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