Tuesday, June 23, 2009

lady vestey

often times you have to stray off the beaten path and when you do you'd be surprised at what you learn. one great thing about a tour like BRAN is that you get to see parts of the state that most don't get to see. in each place you stay you get a chance to explore what these little towns have to offer and on day three in superior we hit the jackpot. when we went into town for dinner that evening we settled on a spaghetti feed at a local church. there we met a local lady named bev, who is a teacher and also a portrayer of superior's most famous former resident: evelene brodstone, aka lady vestey. it was fascinating to learn about the life of this lady, who not only was an avid cyclist in her teens, but also came to be one of the highest paid female executives in the world by the 1920's. they have converted an old hotel downtown into a senior residence center in her honor and they have a victorian festival every memorial day weekend to celebrate her life. bev took us on a tour of the wonderful victorian homes that remain, one of which had it's own private chapel. after thanking bev for showing us around and promising to return, we headed to a local tavern for some tasty tanqueray & tonics. an hour or two later, happy and a bit tipsy, we slowly made our way back to our tents.

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elisabeth said...

the way we're staggered on that street looks so staged! what an awesome tour.