Sunday, March 28, 2010

sleeping in on a sunday

when i finally managed to get up sunday afternoon i went for a nice ride north of town to branched oak. on my way back i stopped in malcolm for a snack, but i didn't see DC. i would not be denied a kitty siting though, as right as i got home this little guy ran across my path. i'm gonna try to catch him next time.

melissa's moto

saturday morning i woke up kinda late and got to work on finishing up the build on melissa's new ride. her old ride... the peuge, was too big and had seen better days. it had been good to her for five years but it was time to move on. she had this sweet old motobecane that was her size that she had picked up on ebay pretty cheap a while back but she hardly rode it. i convinced her to switch over her fixed gear setup to la moto. here is how it looked before, and here is la moto in it's new configuration. it turned out pretty well. later in the afternoon she came by to pick it up and she seemed quite happy with it. i like working on bikes for friends, it pays well (she treated me to dinner at the blue orchid...that place is so good! thanks melissa!). after that we went to the roller derby at pershing where our girls pulled out a last minute victory over chicago! afterwards we hit a few bars and then around midnight we decided to get something to eat. but instead of going somewhere close melissa wanted to test out la moto on a longer ride, so we headed out of town on west O to shoemaker's. there was hardly any traffic so it wasn't bad at all. it's only 8 miles around trip but we could tell that the patrons and a few truck drivers were a bit surprised to see two people ride their bikes to a truckstop by the interstate late on a saturday night. oh well, that's how we roll.

el chappy's... and a rainy ride home

thanks ladies for joining me for afterhours breakfast @ el chaparro. afterwards we laughed ourselves home riding through the rain. perhaps we were all still a bit tipsy.

cara and lindz

i had a good weekend. it started off with dj'ing at marz on a friday night, which is always pretty fun but especially so when friends come down to hang out. cara and lindsey rode down to kick it for a while. afterwards we rode to get something to eat. lindsey was on her newly repainted and rebuilt lemond cross bike, and she put it through it's paces as we went through a few alleys on our way to our favorite afterhours eatery... el chaparro!

Monday, March 22, 2010

monday sun

i have a lot of work to do this spring, as i've been pretty lazy when it comes to any type of 'real' riding. so after putting some fresh cinelli bar wrap on the corsa i headed out for a few hours just before sunset. i was just gonna spin but ended up going all out. the wind was pretty bad and to make things even harder i turned off on a gravel road for a while. it was dry but too soft and the wheels started to sink in and made keeping the bike upright a challenge. going south into that wind on a road like that shelled me. i was bonking toward the end and had to eat something, so i stopped at a gas station as i got back to town and devoured a slim jim :-P

Saturday, March 20, 2010

classica saturday

to celebrate the arrival of spring i should be out on a long road ride in homage to milan - san remo which is held today and is the longest one day race (185 miles) on the pro calendar. but after the snow last night, well i felt pretty lazy so instead i chose to do something a bit more low key. i rode to the cup (which is only a few blocks away... i said i was feeling lazy remember?) for a latte and freshly made cinnamon roll. i then went back home to watch the conclusion of la classicisima.

Friday, March 19, 2010

it's not spring yet

of course with yesterday being so nice out, it being march in nebraska means that today would have to be so crappy. geez... it's really driving me crazy. i needed a beer so i called up janna and we rode down to the usual friday-after-work locale for a slice, some garlic bread, and a few glasses of la terrible. oh man, i didn't feel so bummed about the snow after that, so good!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


with the cold and cloudy weather these last 9-10 days, everyone was down in the dumps. but today... wow, sunny and 65! boy did we need it! i posted up on one of the benches downtown for a bit to drink a jarrito and people watch. yeah yeah, i know it's suppost to snow tomorrow but what the heck, that's march in nebraska for ya.

riding green

i don't usually go out on st. patty's day... but last night ryana, erin, and kaitlyn convinced me otherwise. after meeting up to prime with a few rounds we then rode down to knickerbockers for the killigan's show. thanks ladies, i had a great time!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

mixte redux

last week alexandra had told me that she got a new bike and that it was on it's way to her local shop. it finally arrived and she rode it to work tonight. she's pretty happy with it and i must say it's a real pretty machine. it's one of electra's new ticino bikes (the 16d model) which is the classic 80's ladies mixte redux. the hammered alloy fenders are a nice touch. i think i should do a series on just barista bikes.

Monday, March 15, 2010

mellow monday

it was cloudy all weekend. and today it was more of the same... bummer. oh well, a few brews with some bros cheered me up. the true blonde ale by ska brewing was especially good.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

phở sure

after a crazy friday and saturday nights i was in recovery mode all day. late in the afternoon i got a call from melissa... she suggested we meet up for some phở at vung tau's on north 27th. heck yeah! a nice big bowl of that stuff is just what i needed. thanks for the call melissa, and nice hat.


it was a good show with pharmacy finishing up the night. afterhours wasn't too bad either, with bikes, beer, and of course a danceparty.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

the white lotus

when i head to the coho for my nightly double latte i can always tell who's working by which bike is parked outside. tonight it was the white lotus. it's a classic touring/cross do-anything bike from the 80's and i've always thought that it is one of the coolest bikes in town. along with the black headtube i really dig 1x6 setup with the single suntour rachet bar-con shifter mounted on original lotus branded flared drops. it's been around lincoln for a while and has been dubbed 'Bikey Mcbikerton' by it's current owner, courtney. she's one cool chick. when she isn't moonlighting as a barista she's the drummer for pharmacy spirits and sat in what (i think she plays in one other band too but i can't remember the name). their shows are always pretty damn good. pharmacy spirits and a few other bands are playing this saturday night at bob's tavern in havelock. i just might have to ride out there and catch the show. oh and courtney makes a pretty good latte too.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

what up janna?

it got a bit over 40 today and what a cure for the winter blues it is. last night wasn't too bad either, as i was riding around i caught a nice moon rise from the sunken gardens. earlier this evening i met up with janna downtown for some tacos. she invited me to go ride some gravel this weekend. i have to take her up on it as i seriously need to start loosing my winter pounds.

Monday, March 01, 2010

rachel and her kona

people that work in my building know me as 'the bike guy'. rachel rode to work in the brisk 24 degree temp this morning. waytago rachel! keep it up and perhaps you'll soon be known as 'the bike girl'.