Saturday, July 22, 2006


doing my saturday afternoon gig @ kzum

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


steve fixing a flat, again. i think he ended up walking most of the way to the bridge because his patch didn't hold. some guys always flat more often than others it seems, even on the same terrain. i guess i'm lucky as i don't get them very often.... knock on wood.

the old steed

yep, brought out Rocinante tonight. the bike is six years old and still gets it done. ya, i'm a roadie, but i do get out on the dirt on occasion. i should do it more, as i don't ride the B.U.S.S. as much i as should. single speeding is still the way to go for me, atleast for most of the trails around here anyways. i love this bike. it was named for me by a spanish girl from Toledo i knew back in 2000, who took one look at it and said "you have to name him Rocinante, because of the color."

rest stop @ the bridge

dk and cvo chillin`

dropping in...

the park was dry and dusty.

heading out...

tuesday night mwc ride yet again.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

tut tut... looks like rain

shortly after this pic was taken it dumped pretty good for about 20min, with a tiny bit of hail too.

bad ass clouds

a storm was coming in, so julie and i went up on top of the UNL parking garage to check out the clouds.

robin egg blue

i ran into my friend julie down at the mill and she was on her new fixed gear. her dad ben built it up for her, and even painted it 'robin egg blue', per her request. looks pretty sweet... it's already up on the FGG.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

nebraska sunsets

i wanted to come back on pavement so i split off from the guys as they headed south out of Davey on the dirt. i went east to catch hwy 77. there was a nice evening sky to accompany me as i rode back into Lincoln.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

cool old building

the Davey Tavern occupies what was once the Farmers State Bank of Davey, it was built in 1903.

one horse town

we pulled into Davey and hit the saloon.

smooth dirt

stopped to wait up for the rest of the crew. this was one of the nicer road sections, nicely packed and smooth.

1st pit stop

we had to wait up for a few people so we stopped for 'refreshments'. this section of north 7th street is a 'b level' road, and that means 'minimal' level of maintenance. the day before it was probably a mud fest, but today it was dry and soft. there were some ruts i could ride on so it wasn't that bad.

track bike = dirt bike?

one of these things is not like the others. ok, the tuesday night mwc ride, and being that it rained alot on monday any offroad riding would be out of the question, right? i was thinking we were going to do an urban assault/alley cat type of ride... but i assumed wrong. ep was taking us to Davey, on dirt roads. i went along anyway, builds character. ya, i got beatup pretty good on the bumps and washboards, but overall the track bike did ok in the dirt.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

waking up

saturday routine... stop @ the mill before the radio show to get a little wakemeup double latte. finally got the track bike on the road again, it's been awhile.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


the baristes treat me well...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

hey san jose

overall i was pretty comfy on the san jose, but i definitely need to change the gearing if i'm going to do more long road rides on this puppy. 42x15 or 44x16 would have been alot better.

headed back

after hanging in Seward a few hours i decided to head back before traffic got too crazy (i guess like 50,000 people head to Seward later in the afternoon for the parade and fireworks). syd and the rest of the guys had headed back earlier... so i was going back solo. the return 25-30 miles took me just under an hour and a half, but it sure was hot and windy. here i am crossing over I-80 on my way south to Hwy 6.


enjoying some snowcones with julie on the courthouse lawn.


checked out some of the rides at a car show. impalas were always my favorite. orale ese vato... fijate de mi rambla nueva... todas las chucas de mi barrio me quieren por eso. ( my barrio slang is a bit rusty)

tour de Seward

julie showed me around the town a bit. we rode by ben's family biz, the hughes bros. factory.

Seward's fixed gear club

here i am with ben and julie. julie is from Seward, and goes home often on the weekends. i called her up when i pulled into town and she rode down to the square with her dad ben. ben's into bikes too and is a pretty cool guy. he's the one responsible for getting julie into fixed gearing.

the horse has been broken

44x16 all the way. sydney has tamed her new horse.


seemed like we did the 25-30 miles pretty fast, and in no time we were in Nebraska's "4th of July City".


more crazy distortion going on in the spokes. i was running a 42x17 gear. it was fine on the hills, but i certainly was spinning out on the flats and thus there were moments where i had a hard time keeping up with sydney.


sydney flying along.


syd's gear choice was about right. she rocked it at a pretty good clip all the way out. (dig the spoke distortion in these pics)

sydney's new bike

sydney on her gorgeous new Waterford.

ss & fixed gear'in it

sydney had the same plans turns out, her partner bailed out so we ended up riding out to Seward together. i decided to do it on a single speed, and she went fixed.

4th of july

decided to ride to Seward for the 4th at the last minute. CVO and the boys had left some hours earlier... which was way too early for me anyways.

Monday, July 03, 2006

the alps

slowly making our way back north to Lincoln. almost home... cruising through the Denton alps.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

czech buildings

checking out the town. this building appears to be czech.


just about finished fueling up...

czech czech czech

uh...they certainly like to remind you that you're in the czech capital of the usa.

Hotel Wilber

thankfully the Hotel Wilber was open, and they had a breakfast/lunch buffet going on so, we lucked out. sydney lucked out too cause if i hadn't gotten some food i'd have been even more pissy than i was before. ok, i did make the mistake of eating some pretty old granola bars in the morning in my rush to get out on the ride, and i ended up puking them up bit between Bennett and Adams (25 mi east of Wilber), and i did start to feel better after that, but just wanted to go back to Lincoln and crash. i had NO intention of turning the day into a 85+ mile marathon. but... i'm glad i went. gets my lazy ass in sort of good shape i guess, so thanks to my riding partner syd.

sunday ride...

got up thinking i was just gonna do 40 miles maybe at the very most. but ended up taking the LONG way to Wilber(Nebraska's Czech capital). it's a nice small town. i had stopped there a few weeks back during BRAN with sydney. when we pulled in... nothing much seemed open. i was dead... needed food.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

extended test ride


the G.U.S.S. ______ ultimate single speed. the G is suppost to stand for either 'giallo' (italian for yellow) or 'gene's' (single speed legend guy up in MN who spec'd some mtn bikes for Bianchi) according to nate @ mwc.

basic b

while i was out taking the G.U.S.S. for a little test spin up pulls basic b on his oldschool Wicked Fat Chance. he's a basic punkrock/biker/barista guy who is pretty cool and knows alot of people, especially the scenesters downtown. he didn't care for the yellow and actually thought it was pretty damn ugly.


hmmmm.... looky what MWC got in today. but do i need yet another Bianchi 26" wheeled offroad single speed? the GUSS would make three (i already have a BUSS and a DISS)! .. someone stop me.


at the turn around point in the alps (series of hills on the hwy south of Denton). we had a tailwind so it was big ring time all the way back to Lincoln.

federico and dana

couldn't sleep very well last night... and still i woke up at 7am... so what do i do? go for a ride ofcourse. on my way out to do the Denton loop i ran into two guys, federico (in the black/red jersey) and dana. i used to ride with federico way back in the day, and dana i've known for a few years just from around town. he bought a LeMond road bike 5 years ago and has really gotten into riding in the last few years. it was good to run into them, we road southwest... out through Denton, did some of the alps and turned back.