Wednesday, October 08, 2008

black bike and a black cat

well look who was outside hanging out on the backstep today. beechum was keeping to himself as he enjoyed the weather and kept watch over his domain.


m e l i g r o s a said...

I love-adore-looove black cats. Im in the process of adopting one soon <3


c_c_rider said...

i adore them too. beechum is the downstairs neighbor's cat. she says that he is very friendly when inside, but when she let's him go out he's all aloof and doesn't let anyone get near him.

one day i'll get a few cats of my own. you should adopt two, they always need playmates. :)

Fluxus said...

I have a black cat, too, but he's indoors. I never see that little guy around my side of the block--I see a lot of Miles, the tabby cat, and Sophie, the white cat with the three black spots on one side.

Hey, you still want to get rid of that German commuter? I'd be down with looking at it this weekend...I have some 700 x 40c tires that are looking for a ride...202-2325