Monday, October 13, 2008

bring your lights

it was a small group on the monday night ride, but we had fun riding laps at pioneer's as it got dark. it gave me a chance to test out the new light. i've been wanting to get the minewt mini-USB for a while now, and man is it wicked bright for such a small light. it's perfect for a road bike, as it weighs so little and straps to the stem easily. now i can do laps in the dark.


elisabeth said...

nice photo!

nicol said...

Yep. I agree about the photo. Is that by the elk? It was a perfect night, I was surprised more people didn't show up.

m e l i g r o s a said...

usb laps in the laptop!
Im very impressed with NR's consideration and rechargable options. Always worth their price for the long haul.

E/OR said...

what has the life of a charge on the light been? I have been checkin that light out as an alternative to the bottle cage battery ones. Does the battery really stay well on a stem like I have read?