Wednesday, October 15, 2008

mini peugeot

i spotted this little peugeot in a local pawn shop and called up tasha. she's been looking for a bike, and at 5'0 (give or take) she needs something 'tasha sized' as she put it. she got a really good deal on it and then we took it over to the wrench to have it tuned up. it's going to need new tires which is no big deal, or so i thought. at a glance i assumed the wheels were 26" or 650c but it turns out they are an odd 24x1 3/8" size, which is common on wheelchairs but not on bikes. i wonder how many other 'juvenile lightweights' of this vintage (late 70's/early 80's?) were spec'd with wheels this size? thankfully tires are still available, but just the basic road style tires and no knobby treads like she had hoped. anyways, once it's tuned up and shod with new tires, brake hoods, and barwrap it should be good to go.

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