Friday, September 26, 2008

riding in iowa

i go up to omaha/council bluffs at least once at this time of year with some friends to do the taco ride. this was my third time up there, and i get my pic taken at this same spot just outside of mineola each time i go (same spot in '07, and in '06). i'd recommend this ride to anyone but you have to be careful of the drunks (they tend to only make it to margaritaville and mineola), but once you get past that and on to silver city it's a really nice ride. the trail is lined with lots of trees, goes over some wooden bridges, and has great views of all the farm land and valleys. coming back in the dark from silver city, take time to stop somewhere on the trail, turn off your lights, and look up. you'll be blown away by how many stars you can see.

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