Sunday, March 11, 2007

cruising back to L-town

nothing like spending a sunday with your friends riding bikes.

we made a pitstop to refuel and play in the snow (nice work butch).
i also earned some more street cred by demonstrating my speedy flat fixing skills.

on our way back we saw a few teams on the course. butchie showed off some of his skills as we passed them.

we saddled up and headed back with cvo leading the way.


3p0 said...

great pics buddy.

good riding with you this weekend.

missed ya at the bar sunday night though...

MG said...

nice pics brother. it was good to ride with you, and everyone else too. we had a lot of fun...

hey conrad, you wanna ride my el mariachi on the MWC ride tonight? i was thinking you've probably got a 27.2 seatpost with one of your saddles already mounted up. You could set it up the way you like it (not ultra steep like I have to have it).

Lemme know. I was planning on riding the Dos anyway, so if you don't ride it, it'll likely stay home... :-{ My number at work is 437-6428.