Sunday, January 31, 2010

food, art, not bombs

around 6pm on a friday i'm usually inside yia yia's having a beer and a slice or two of pizza but this last friday i opted to go on the critical mass ride. i hadn't attended one since last fall. i thought very few people were showing up consistently anyways because it's been pretty darn cold, but this time i had heard someone was going to bring hot chocolate so despite the 17 degree temp i went. there was a good turn out with about 20-30 peeps. there was no hot chocolate but little did i know that something way better awaited us at the end of our ride. after doing a few loops through downtown we regrouped at the campus union to enjoy some vegan burritos that someone had made and brought in a cooler in an old burley trailer. man, those warm burritos were damn good! shout out to the dude with the trailer and whoever did the cooking, you guys rock! they hit the spot let me tell ya. after stuffing ourselves we went inside where there was an undergrad art opening going on. we had some of their free cookies and checked out the art. while looking like a spelunker to all the other opening attendees, dane noticed the cool bike print on the blouse of the girl in "girl no. 3, by ella weber, charcoal". i located ms. weber and asked her if the bike pattern was her own addition, but she said she drew it exactly from a photo of her aunt as a young girl, probably late 70's. cool blouse indeed.

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gravy said...

Looks like Road Steel in the top picture. I saw that bike has knobbies as well.