Sunday, January 10, 2010

cabling on a sunday

almost done... just have to finish routing cables on lis's new steed.


Steve A said...

So what is the story about the sign in the background?

c_c_rider said...

that is a sign delineating the boundaries in downtown lincoln where one can't ride on sidewalks. they used to have them posted on all the bikeracks in that area but they got rid of them a long time ago, though i think the law is still in effect. i ride in traffic as i always have, but others who do not feel comfortable in traffic and still ride up on the sidewalk risk getting a ticket. with the addition of a few bike lanes downtown a few years ago i think more of those who rode on the sidewalk before now feel a lot safer riding in the street and perhaps that is why the city did away with the expense of keeping up the signs.