Sunday, December 27, 2009

snow on marz

i personally like the snow, it's fun to ride in, but the cold windchills i could do without. anyways... saturday night i rode down to marz to spin some latin stuff as i've been known to do on occasion. while i was there nader the owner wanted to show me the xmas present he got from his bar manager (we all know jason, but few know that he's kind of a bike nut too). down in the basement i got to see nader's bianchi that jason refurbished. i had seen this bike a few days before when it still had it's original purple paint on it and all the parts were in a box. in just a day and a half jason had stripped it, torched the tubes a bit for some color and refinished it in a clear lacquer. then he got it built back up in time for nader on xmas. that's damn fast. i like how it came out. it's a pretty cool lookin' 80's vintage bianchi i must say. the new brooks saddle is a nice touch.

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