Thursday, December 24, 2009

blizzard commute

i rode to work tonight. it really wasn't that bad, the worst part was the wind. i was eager to try out the gazzas, and i must say... those finns sure do know their stuff when it comes to snow tires.


elisabeth said...

way to go, conrad. it's miserable out there.

c_c_rider said...

thanks lis. riding home early this morning was harder even though i had the wind at my back. with all the drifting snow i could only go where plows had been, so i went down 17th to O st, then to 27th and down to J. thankfully there were no cars out.

The Douglas said...

Funny. Your bike is almost exactly the same as my winter commuter. I have a blue Karate Monkey with discs and I also run Gazza Extremes. I'll agree...these tires are ruthless. Unstoppable.