Wednesday, March 25, 2009

yo avery

i hooked up with avery for a ride tonight, we ended up riding up to branched oak lake for a lap.


Timmo said...

I just found your blog and I love it! The pictures really bring me back. Keep up the good work.

Ride on!

c_c_rider said...

hey tim, how's cali? ride up mt. tam or mt. diablo yet?

Timmo said...

cali is good. Done Mt. Tam quite a few times. Most of my riding is up in Sonoma county where I live. Levi Counry if you will;-) Marin is nice, but Sonoma has some amazing riding that rivals anywhere. Lemme know next time you are in the area and I'll hook you up with a place to stay and some killer rides. In the mean time, keep up the good fotography and posts!

abedrous said...

When you ride up to branched oak lake, I assume you ride up 79, but what's the best route to get from downtown to 79?

A couple weeks ago I rode up there for my first time and stupidly took NW 48th up to 34 and then to 79. NW 48th was super treacherous with traffic/potholes/no shoulder. Any advice.

c_c_rider said...

andrew, getting out of town north is kinda tricky. i usually take n 14th st to fletcher and use that to get over to hwy 34. then along hwy 34 you can take either nw56th(79) or 55m (through Malcom) or keep going a ways further and take nw 112th to branched oak.
or go through the haymwarket and take the bike path over the bridge, by the ball park and over sun valley blvd and along oak lake which takes you to 1st and cornhusker. cross cornhusker and the first left is dawes ave. use that to get over to where it crosses cornhusker by the airport. you can then either go over the over pass to the airport and use the road that goes around to the kawasaki plant... or just keep going straight on cornhusker there (it turns into nw 12th) and go all the way to the kawasaki plant. you can get on hwy 34 there right by kawasaki.

another way, with more miles would be to go out on west van dorn and go by pawnee lake. head out on the bike trail that goes out to pioneer's park. go through the park and head out on the north entrance and get on w van dorn. take van dorn to SW 84th and head north through emerald and up to w adams and that turns into nw 105th and then nw 112th as you go by pawnee lake, and keep going north to branched oak.

whew... hope that helped.

abedrous said...

wow, nice. I will definitely keep the options in mind. It wouldve helped if I had researched a bit before I decided where I was riding to. Thanks bud.