Monday, April 21, 2008

vacation was too short

i can hear tony singing it now. SF is quite the city and i wish i could go back tomorrow. so much to do and see there, and the riding is awesome. it has everything you could ask for. it's good to be back home though, i'm tired and still recuperating (caught a bad cold last monday on the long ride back from mt. tam.


monkeygirl said...

ok now that your back, I have questions about this bike in a suitcase thing. first about the bike, so is the integrity of the frame at all different that a bike that does not have a break in the frame and if there is did it bother you. Secondly, ok you put this bike together at the airport but then what, what did you do with the bag it traveled in? Details I need details.

c_c_rider said...

hi regina. frames with S&S couplers are nothing new, most frame builders offer them as an option on custom built frames or will retrofit them into your frame. surly has just made it easier by offering a cheaper basic frame with couplers already installed. as for packing, there are a few hardcases you can buy. bikes of different sizes can fit into them and are easy to pack. there is also the soft backpack case which is the one i bought. it folds up when you unpack the bike so it can be worn as a backpack or strapped to your other luggage.