Monday, April 14, 2008

the descent

21 miles of this... or so i thought. i didn't know it yet, but i had a lot more climbing ahead of me. after this road decends to hwy 1 you turn south and start heading back around and up the south side. i bonked shortly after this point and it made the last 10-15 miles of climbing back inland to mill valley on the other side the hardest i've ever done. it had been windy all day, but now it was getting pretty cold. my swobo arm and leg warmers were great, but i had just a cycling cap on my head. i should have brought a stocking cap too. out on this stretch of hwy you are pretty much alone, and that means no place to refuel or recuperate. atleast the views of the ocean helped me forget the pain in the legs.


Adrian_O said...

Great Pic C-Rad! Looks like awesome weather too! You will have to post the route somewhere.

c_c_rider said...

basically i did an extended version of this counter clockwise loop, with the additional miles of going up to the peak on bolinas and ridgecrest road and then taking the long way back by decending on panoramic hwy all the way down to stinson beach and returning along the coast on hwy 1.