Thursday, November 08, 2007

UEP thursdays

Urban Exploring with Peeps. taura was trying to stay warm outside of knickerbockers while we waited for dirty D to show up. she put a cool weldor girl decal on the downtube of her bike cause she still likes to represent. she was a weldor at one time and i think she should get back into it, but this time making bike frames! :) anyways, after some .25 tacos the three of us did some urban exploring. oh, and nice gloves james.

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taura said...

last night was fun, maybe uep thursdays could replace pcp thursdays. MAYBE. let's make it a regular thing, especially if you keep coming up with such gems as, "this box would make a great KITTY MANSION!!"
and hey, dork, those gloves are mine!!!