Wednesday, November 07, 2007

watch out

it looks like someone got t-boned by a minivan. they already had the person in the ambulance when i rode by. their bike didn't look too bad from where i was, so hopefully he or she isn't hurt seriously. this is at 18th and M streets, an intersection many of us ride though daily on our way to and from downtown. even though we have the right-of-way here you have to be wary. drivers don't look for bikers most of the time anyway but it's even more dangerous at dawn and dusk.


kevin said...

It's best to assume cars don't see you. I'm amazed how many cyclists I see without blinkies or visible clothing -- accidents waiting to happen this time of year.

sydney_b said...

That is a corner to mind. Cars rolling through from both directions not paying attention and sometimes in a big hurry as they try to circumvent 17th or something.