Tuesday, November 01, 2011

last of fall

it's suppost to get cold and rainy tomorrow (which imho is THEE WORST weather for cyclists), and on top of that we might get our first snow, so i made sure to get some miles in today. i went out north of the airport and west out past pawnee lake, and then south to van dorn where i did a lap through pioneers park at sunset. i've ridden this route many times, but today i really appreciated everything along the route. i even saw this little guy spying on me when i stopped to check my tire :) i hope everyone got some quality time outside today, it might be the last we have for a while.


Steve A said...

IMO, the worst weather is black ice hidden by a dusting of fresh snow. And thunderstorms. I hate lightning strikes nearby. Actually, I'll take the black ice over the lightning.

c_c_rider said...

steve, well you're right there. ice is the worst, but one can get studded tires and buddle up and it's not so bad (for a commute or whatever). though with 40 degrees and raining it feels colder than if it was 30 and snowing. i'd rather have the later.