Sunday, August 21, 2011


well it's over... the 2011 Gravel Worlds is in the books. most of it was okay... but the first part sucked because of a 2 mile stretch of MMR 'county road B' (minimal maintenance road = dirt road that becomes a mud bog after a rain). that small section alone brought the race to a stand still. many derailleur hangers were ripped off, and for a while i thought i had entered a hike-a-bike competition rather than a bike ride.  the sun came out and dried things up nicely and the rest of the race was just one long gravel roller after another in the heat. i can barely move today but i guess i did have fun. after all, i got to ride my bike all day :) i did 110mi before bowing out. my legs, hands, and lower back were saying 'no more'. it was a good decision because on the 15mi ride home i caught myself falling asleep as i rode. i was that spent. major props to all those who finished the whole thing... especially to the single speeders.

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