Sunday, August 22, 2010

cold bud please

gravel worlds is over. i only did 70 miles, others managed to complete all 150 of it, so props to everyone... especially the single speeders! i went with a 39x18 gear and it was ok for the most part but the climbs between valpo and malcolm (the worst being west ashland road... what a brutal track that is) took their toll. i thought my legs were gonna fall off after each one. my crash in the first 20 miles didn't help but i had fun. what an epic course! thanks cornbread, you're a masochist.


Jeanie Kenkel said...

Hi, c_c_rider. I, too, blog on Blogger. I am hoping to host a Blogger birthday party on August 31st (if there is enough interest). Would you like to join forces? Go to and click on Lincoln. Thanks!

Cornbread said...

Glad you were there to join in on the fun. We'll do it again next year!