Tuesday, July 06, 2010

south with the ladies

i've been feeling really tired lately (watching world cup matches in the morning and afternoon certainly has been disruptive to my sleep schedule) and so i wasn't really feeling like going on a long ride tonight. i still wanted to get out for some leisure miles though, and luckily for me lindsey and cara had the same idea. we met up at my place and decided to head south on the jamaica trail for a ways. on our way back to town we stopped at the silver spoke on satillo road. it's a old biker bar with some murals outside. they have cheap tacos on tuesday nights but they were all gone by the time we got there so i opted for a double cheeseburger. it was freaking huge and delicious. there was also a little guy running around (the bartender's new puppy) looking for scraps and of course linz and cara found him irresistible.

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