Thursday, April 29, 2010

me 0 - t-storm 1

hmmm... that doesn't look so bad, i have plenty of time.

uh... that wall cloud does seem to be moving pretty fast.

oh sh*t!

one thing i love about living in nebraska, it's the storms. there is nothing like being on the bike and watching a storm come in as you race back to town at dusk. i thought i was gonna make it back without getting rained on but it started to sprinkle as i left the gas station in hickman and i still had 10-15 miles to go. i didn't really mind the light rain at all, but then the lightning started and i was like 'uh oh'. i just put my head down and went as fast as i could. trying to stay in front of a storm is an effective way to practice your time trialing skills that's for sure! :) thankfully the full downpour held off until i was only a few blocks from my place so i didn't have to ride very far soaking wet. the bike needed a wash anyways. here's to a summer of awesome t-storms!


Steve A said...

Rain is fine. Lightning is most definitely scary on a bike to me.

ms.elle said...

gorgeous photos/storm progression!

Limey-In-Training said...

Ah, this makes me miss home. Beautiful.

Carlos Bernardo said...

good evening!
Iam in portugal and i like bicicles
sory i ederstend inglish bud i don t rite very wel.
i like to vist your blog.