Thursday, March 04, 2010

the white lotus

when i head to the coho for my nightly double latte i can always tell who's working by which bike is parked outside. tonight it was the white lotus. it's a classic touring/cross do-anything bike from the 80's and i've always thought that it is one of the coolest bikes in town. along with the black headtube i really dig 1x6 setup with the single suntour rachet bar-con shifter mounted on original lotus branded flared drops. it's been around lincoln for a while and has been dubbed 'Bikey Mcbikerton' by it's current owner, courtney. she's one cool chick. when she isn't moonlighting as a barista she's the drummer for pharmacy spirits and sat in what (i think she plays in one other band too but i can't remember the name). their shows are always pretty damn good. pharmacy spirits and a few other bands are playing this saturday night at bob's tavern in havelock. i just might have to ride out there and catch the show. oh and courtney makes a pretty good latte too.

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