Wednesday, November 04, 2009

on a quest for celeste

i have a late 90's vintage cross frame that i picked up a while ago. i'm gonna build it up as a gravel/dirt/commuter rig but before i do that the frame needs some touching up first, so i headed out to a few places to see what i paint could find. bianchi celeste is a difficult color to match but i found a few shades that were pretty darn close. at hobby lobby it was a toss up between the bahama blue and sea breeze, but they only had them in acrylic.... darn. so then i rode to hobbytown usa (which is in southpointe now) hoping that they'd still have a huge selection of testors enamel modeling paint like they used to when they were out at eastpark plaza. testors enamel is a good choice if you can't find touchup paint for your frame at a local bike shop or can't order it online anywhere. hobbytown's selection was decent but not great. i guess i'll have to use the 'interior blue/green #2135' which is a smidge too dark but it was the closest enamel i could find.

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