Sunday, July 19, 2009


after breakfast we headed back to lincoln. ashlee wanted add a few more miles before heading back to omaha so she came with us as we rode west on church road. along with farms, we rode by a semen center (lis and ashlee couldn't stop giggling). a few miles later we said goodbye to ashlee and lis and i turned south. usually a round trip to platte river state park is just over 80 miles. at about twelve miles from home lis expressed her desire to ride a full century, which she had never done before. i wasn't enthused at first, but then i thought how great a margarita would taste right then, so we took a detour south to bennet for a few drinks at mamacita's. that gave us the needed extra miles. when i got home all said and done it was 105.49 miles for the day. thanks to ashlee and lis for a great day on the bike.

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