Thursday, April 16, 2009

flower power

heading out for a ride and i almost forgot to water the lovely b-day bouquet that kate brought me on tuesday. yes, even a rugged guy like me can appreciate flowers. thanks again kate :)


Anonymous said...

A "rugged guy" like yourself who has to ride with girls all the time cause he's to old and slow to keep up with the guys on the dirt?

c_c_rider said...

ok, i will admit that i am not rugged in the robust sense, but i have been told by more than a few ladies that i am ruggedly handsome (but i'm sure they were being too nice). anyways... you'd be mistaken to assume that riding with women means riding slow, some are quite fast and can hang and sometimes drop the dudes. as for my dirt skillz, though i do bust out my 29er on occasion and can hang with the guys on those types of rides i definitely take my life in my own hands whilst bombing through wilderness park so i know my limits (and i don't wear a helmet). but i do like getting muddy sometimes and appreciate the skillz the hardcore mtb'ers have. it's just that most of the time i'd just rather go for a 40mi road ride than a 10mi dirt trail ride, and that's just me.

Anonymous said...

You should wear a helmet.