Sunday, December 28, 2008

service course sunday

i was quite productive today. janna's been wanting to learn how to ride rollers and she FINALLY came over to get the set that i've had in the basement for years. and while we were at her place getting them setup i noticed how shot the tires were on her san jose cross ss/commuter. with the ice and snow we've had this last week or so, janna has been braving the uncleared bike paths with worn out 30c tires. i thought she need something more substantial so we loaded up her bike and headed back to my place for some workstand time at the csc (or conrad's service course... ala mavic), or also known as my kitchen. contrary to what some might believe i do get my hands dirty sometimes, but my services don't come cheap (thanks janna for buying me breakfast... and lunch!). we put on some big 45c wtb mutano rapters to replace her worn tires. remember kiddies; if you ain't got clearance you don't have much versatility. very few cross bikes can take a 45c knobby but the san jose can, though just barely. after a short spin janna liked the feel of the big tires right away, it's the closest a cross bike can get to being a 29er. the mutano raptor is the perfect tire for this but it's unfortunate that wtb no longer offers it in a 45c size. anyway, it's a good thing janna came over because she rides the hell out of this bike and it was in serious need of some tlc. i cleaned it up and got everything running smooth, and while i was at it i got a little carried away with the prolink.

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da terminator said...

Thanks Big C! I'll never think of ProLink the same again!