Sunday, August 24, 2008

recovery ride

it was a long weekend to say the least and i'm still recovering. no serious rides for me but rather i just took it easy and slept in. lindsey called me late sunday afternoon to go bike shopping, and i'm glad she did otherwise i probably would have stayed in bed all day. we ended up down at re-cycled cycles to see what they had. she was looking for a cross bike that fits her better than her current one, and wouldn't you know it we found a little 2001 lemond poprad at a killer price. she wanted to test it out right away, and with the weekly rat-ride starting a few minutes later, we decided to go along. we headed north to meet up with the group at a bar on cornhusker called the tackroom for some beverages. i didn't drink anything, but it was nice to get out for a casual spin. thanks for waking me up linz!

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