Sunday, July 20, 2008


it was just nate and i today riding out to platte for the bacon.


Adrian_O said...

When and where is this bacon ride?

kevinW said...

and what's the usual pace? Give us details, details!

Sounds like fun.

c_c_rider said...

the 22mph pace was a joke, some may claim they ride that fast for hours but don't believe it.

as for where and when... every sunday at the mopac trail head (parking lot at 84th st). the departure time is usually around 6am. check the folksfromlincoln blog or cornbread's blog for more details a few days prior to know if a group is leaving or if the time has changed.

the route is the mopac to it's end in wabash and then gravel roads up to platte river st. park (a mtb or cross bike is the best choice). the restaurant in the park has a breakfast buffet from 830-1030, and the bacon is excellent.