Thursday, June 12, 2008


a new gang of kids are showing up at the shop these days.

jimmy tan with an aerospoke on an old schwinn he converted. there's nothing like running a $300 front wheel on a bike that is worth $50. he has his priorities straight that's for sure.

one of jimmy's cohorts just had the MWC chop his bars ridiculously short... he said 'these won't be my everyday bars, they're for when i want to get crazy.'


Anonymous said...

At least they are on bikes, better yet if it's their main form of transportation. I could care less about the look of if someone is doing it because it's "crazy," what I care about is the fact that they are not in a death box running me down. At 35 yrs. old I think cycle chic is what you make it to be.

CJ said...

Wow...those bars are F'ing short.

I bet there will be a huge second hand market for fixies in Lincoln in a few years.

c_c_rider said...

i'm just getting old and more cynical, as my friend taura never hesitates to point out with her comments.

Hermes said...

nice. is that t shirt ready for printing yet, cuz I'll take one. check this for a good fixie story from my buddy Todd in LA. You should appreciate it having been in the dt scene for awhile.