Sunday, May 25, 2008

bikes, wind, and yoga

the headwind on the way back sucked big time, but lindsey did fine. 84 miles total.

both of us were pretty hungry when we got to platte. after a delicious lunch we lounged on the grass for a bit. i snoozed while lindsey did some yoga.

a long day in the saddle and you can't leave your head unprotected from the sun. as most of you know, i'm oldschool, so i bestowed upon lindsey my '98 vintage mapei hat. even though i assured her that it's a cool cap (made famous ofcourse by ballerini in P-R that year) she still wasn't sure she looked good in it. she was constantly checking her hair at every stop.


the crew

i got up a bit too late to make the bacon ride, but wanted to ride out to platte anyways. i called up lindsey, and since she's doing BRAN in two weeks she was eager to get some serious miles in. we had a tailwind on the way out and got to elmwood pretty quick. we ran into cornbread and the crew who were on their way back, their bellies full of bacon i'm sure.

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