Sunday, September 30, 2007

craving crepes

i called up my good friend taura for breakfast... she wanted crepes so we headed to village inn (yeah we know that vi isn't the best place for crepes, but it's close by and it was damn windy out and we didn't want to ride far). i've been wanting to swap her drop bars for something more comfy, so after stuffing ourselves we went to over to my bikeshop (aka kitchen) to do some maintenance. she now has nitto moustache bars on her baby and she likes them a lot. oh... and she loves her brown suede boots a lot too.


Adrian_O said...

Those are pretty rad!

taura said...

today when i got to work, this old guy walking down the street says, "you got your boots, now all you need a horse!" so i say, "i already got a horse!" and point to my bike, and he goes, "it gots a moustache on it."
thanks big c, you're awesome!