Sunday, April 22, 2007

la reunión de los ocho magnificos

when my friend mario (at the head of the table) said he was cooking dinner i didn't hesitate to make sure i would be free saturday night. you don't want to miss out if mario is cooking. mario gets his phd in a few weeks but he says it's only so he can make enough money to retire early and then open his own small restaurant someday. the man from lazise can cook like no other. the other fortunate guests who were there to help in devouring mario's italian dishes were (l-r) el profesor fernando (de argentina), manolo (de españa), and hugo (de peru), along with (r) joaquín (de sevilla), (l-r) pepe (de españa), and ramiro (from corrientes). ramiro was the guest of honor because he is getting married next month in spain to my friend eva, congratulations to them both!!.

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Adrian_O said...

Mexicans never refuse a good meal. We consider it an insult not to accept an invite.