Wednesday, December 13, 2006

sarah's fahrrad

this is my friend Sarah's bike. she was living in Berlin for the last few years and is now relaxing back home in Colorado. Sarah passed through Lincoln last month, and i was able to meet up with her and some good friends and welcome her back to the states. there is nothing like good friends cooking a nice meal. Sarah and Eva made spanish croquetas and spanish quiche along with some tilapia and a delicious vegetable roast. Sarah misses Berlin a lot, especially her beloved bike. she had to sell it before she returned to the states. she paid like 130 euro for it a few years ago when she first got there. she had it tuned up, bought new fenders, a shifter, and new racks and a basket. she also touched up the paint herself. it served her well during her time there. she lived in Friedrichshain, and a five minute walk from the big Velodrom arena. Berlin sounds pretty cool and i'd like to go there sometime and check it out. Sarah suggested i move there, and she said with her connections she could even hook me up with a job riding my bike. hmmm... i shall contemplate a move.

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